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What sets A CHILD's Haven apart?

  • ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING! (I have so many fun and exciting plans.....I can't wait to get started! Never a dull moment around here!!! :)
  • CHILD DIRECTED THEMES AND ACTIVITIES (your child's interests and needs will determine upcoming themes and lessons)
  • A READING TREE! What better place to read a book then a welcoming willow tree?
  • ASQ questionnaires for all children birth to age 6. Ages and Stages Questionnaires are great tools to determine if your child's development is on schedule.
  • ON SITE FIELD TRIPS (a big yard to explore mixed with fun props leads to endless "field trip" possiblities!)
  • THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! (The learning environment and structure with the small group size and lots of individual attention)
  • SPECIAL NEEDS EXPERIENCE (I have children with Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease so if your children are dealing with these or other health issues be assured that their needs will be closely monitored!)
  • THIS BLOG! (The purpose of this blog is to share our daily news and activities with parents of children in the CHILD's Haven family. In addition....a place for providers to share and inspire each other to offer the highest quality of care for families everywhere!

What does gluten free mean?

Three of my four children were diagnosed with Celiac disease in April 2012.

Celiac disease is a genetic disease so NO WORRIES as far as your children are concerned!!!

Treatment of Celiac disease is a life-time Gluten Free diet which means absolutely no Wheat, Barley, or Rye.  If you broke a slice of bread into 50 pieces; one of those pieces, per day, would do damage to my children.

So......our household is now gluten free.


A HEALTHIER MENU!!!!  A "mostly" made from scratch menu!!!!!!!

Eating gluten free does not necessarily mean that it is healthier - if you do it the wrong way!

A CHILD's Haven will offer a 100% gluten free menu which will include:
fresh fruits; fresh vegetables; homemade breads; made from scratch soups; homemade granola bars; gluten free cereals (chex cereals and gluten free rice krispies); corn and rice pasta; etc.

A CHILD's Haven WILL NOT offer items including:
crackers, bars, store bought granola bars, frozen dinners (examples: chicken nuggets, fish sticks), basically a lot of the processed foods are out of the question.

EXCEPTION - If your child would like to bring in a special birthday treat please discuss this with me.  We can work something out for special occasions!


  • Rice Krispie treats made with Gluten Free rice krispies, Fruity pebbles, or cocoa pebbles (these cereal boxes are labeled gluten free clearly on the front)
  • Pudding packs
  • Fresh fruit
  • String Cheese
  • Most popsicles (please check with me first and I will investigate ;) )
  • Go-gurt
  • Some fruit snacks 
Here is a link to a great list of options (this is a pdf file that another Gluten Free parent created):

A gluten free diet has also been beneficial to those with an autism spectrum disorder.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to me at anytime!!!!!

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