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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Farm unit and some late Halloween week activities

Hello and welcome to A Child's Haven!  This week we are learning about FARMS.  

We are having a lot of fun learning about some of the animals you might find on a farm and what products those animals produce.

On Monday we learned about pigs.  Our art acivity was cutting out shapes (circle, oval, rectangles, triangles) and gluing together to make a pig.  We glued him onto brown paper so he was in the mud.  Then we used a paper towel bunched up and dipped in brown paint to make our pig full of mud.
(sorry no time for pics....I will have a picture of our finished farmyard at the end of the week)

Today (Tuesday) we are talking about cows.  Lots of fun activities kept us busy this morning!

We made butter!  So easy and fun!

What you need: heavy whipping cream, container with tight fitting lid, salt (optional), bread or crackers 
Just put a little heavy whipping cream into a container with a tight cover and shake, shake, shake.  You can add a clean marble to the cream to help it go a little faster.  It takes about 20 minutes.  Take turns "churning" the cream while you read a couple of stories and it will soon be ready!  (You will hear the liquid separated from the butter when it is done) You can add a little salt at the end if you like.  We put the butter on some homemade pumpkin bread.  Delicious!!!!!

We also milked a cow today!  ;)  This was a ton of fun!!!!

What you need: vinyl glove, needle, water, white paint, container, towel
Take a vinyl glove and poke a hole in the finger tip with a needle.  Then mix the water with some white paint.  Pour the paint into the glove and while you hold the top of the glove closed...let the children "milk" the cow. Keep a towel handy for any spilled milk! This was a huge hit!!!!!

For art we made a quick cow.  I cut out the cow and had some paint on the table to use with fingers to add some brown spots to our cows.
(sorry no pics yet.  I will have a pic of our finished farmyard at the end of the week. ;) )

I found this here: and I am totally doing this next year during farm week!  I don't know where I can find hay bales anymore this year.

Here are a few quick pics of some events we did during Halloween week.  Sorry they are late but I didn't have time to blog.  Better late than never ;)

We made a haunted house with blankets and read some stories and did some flannel board activities inside.

 We made some gooey goblins with some green food coloring mixed with shaving cream all over the table.  Big messes are always so much fun to make!!!!! LOL

 Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon to see all the fun we are having!!!!!

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